Custom-tech Folding Knives
• Handmade in USA •

When we decided to build a folding knife it was apparent that it had to stay as handcrafted as possible. We also understood that the modern tactical folder requires precise moving parts and that computer-aided machinery has to be used. 

Joe contouring G10 scales with G10 inlays
Josh taking care of final assembly and lock tuning

Blade grinding, scale contouring, lock fitment, final finishing, pocket clip, inlays, carving is all done by hand. The knives are made one at a time. Like always we make very limited runs or one-offs and each unit is serialized. And that's what we mean by "custom-tech" - using machines where it counts and handcrafting where it matters. 

Grinding room separated from the rest of the shop
Gordon adding an off-set choil area for easy lock let-off

In 2013 we partnered with Michael Vagnino (ABS) and opened up shop in Visalia, CA.  Since then we have grown to four employees that make our line of tactical folding knives. These are branded "Olamic Tactical" and are 100% Made in America. To order a knife, contact a reputable dealer, check out what's available, fill out the Build Your Own Form, or give us a call at (408) 480-3533.